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Payroll NW News

Due dates for backup withholding forms coming quick

  •  2/1/2020

Some businesses and other payers take out backup withholding from payments they make to certain people
These entities should remember their upcoming filing deadlines.Description of backup withholding.The person or business paying the taxpayer doesn't generally withhold taxes from certain payments...

Taxpayers filing for the first time should look into Free File

  •  2/1/2020

Many people will be filing federal taxes for the first time this year
For these taxpayers, IRS Free File may be the perfect match, especially if they are looking to save money on tax preparation.Most Free File users are under the age of 30 with modest incomes. The Free File adjusted gross income limit for 2020 is $69,000...

All taxpayers have the right to quality service

  •  2/1/2020

The IRS wants taxpayers to know their rights in case they need to work with the agency on a tax matter
The Taxpayer Bill of Rights, lists and defines 10 fundamental rights of every taxpayer. Included on that list is the Right to Quality Service:.Taxpayers have the right to: ...